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The CIF LA City Section is seeking financial assistance through GoFundMe. We welcome any donations that would help us with our campaign goal of $100,000.


To donate to the campaign, please visit GoFundMe at the following link-


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Please watch this video of our Public Service Announcement-


As of July 1, 2013, the CIF Los Angeles City Section has run as a separate, non-profit entity. The reasoning behind its split from the Los Angeles Unified School District was quite straightforward; with the growth that resulted from the inclusion of independent charter schools, the Board of Managers and Executive Committee (formerly the Interscholastic Athletic Council) felt that operating as a separate body, as other CIF Sections have been doing, would lessen the financial burden on the District while allowing CIFLACS to offer more direct services to its members. 

Currently, CIFLACS is one of the five largest sections in the state, believing in the fervent view that interscholastic athletics is an integral part of a student’s overall education. 

We are looking for financial assistance to help support our athletic facility rentals for Section championships in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, swimming, track, wrestling and volleyball. We want our student-athletes to have the best possible experience when competing for a championship.

In 2018-19, more than 40,000 students participated in athletics in our Section. We now have 156 schools and continue to grow every year. Our student-athletes deserve to dream and accomplish their goals while striving for excellence and pursuing victory with honor.

Your help is much appreciated!

Thank you,

Commissioner Vicky Lagos