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Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide to Tournament Hosting and Participation

  • It must be sanctioned by CIF Los Angeles City Section.
  • If out-of-state teams are invited, you must apply for a National Sanction through the CIF State Office except for border states.
  • Paperwork must be received in the Section Office at least 60 days prior to the event, 90 days if out of state or international teams are invited.
  • Submit original + one copy of the "Application to Host Sanctioned Tournament", Attachments A and B, Tournament Flyer or Letter of Invitation, Sample Bracket and Partnership Agreement (if applicable).
  • Tournament cannot start before the first allowable date for that sport.
  • No competition is allowed on a Sunday.
  • Must follow CIF award limits: individuals not more than $100, team award not more than $250, and coaches award not more than $20.00.
  • All outdoor sports fall under the Sunset rule for darkness.
  • If you are in partnership with another organization, you still have the liability and responsibility to follow all CIF rules, policies and regulations regarding the hosting of a tournament.
  • Follow all instructions on the Instruction Sheet and check off as completed.
  • Thoroughly read the Tournament Section in the Gold Book.
  • Approved or denied application will be sent back to the Athletic Director.
  • Call Section Office, if you do not receive confirmation within a week.
  • Send tournament results to Section Office within one week of tournament completion.
  • The tournament must be sanctioned by CIF and State Association where it will be played.
  • The tournament must be hosted by a high school.
  • There can be no competition on a Sunday.
  • The tournament cannot be before the first allowable contest in the season of sport.
  • Individual awards cannot be over $100, team award over $250 or coaches awards over $20.00.