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Health and Safety presented by Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute

Injury Prevention and Wellness News

Check out these health and wellness topics for young athletes and parents from the Sports Medicine specialists at the Cedar-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute.

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Can Some Pediatric Orthopedic Injuries be Handled at Home? – Carlos Uquillas MD

Electrolytes.  Beyond the Conventional Sports Drinks - Natasha Trentacosta MD

Shoulder Injury in the Overhead Throwing Athlete – Brian Schulz MD

What Parents Should Know About Recurrent Concussions in Children – Ilan Danan MD, MSc

Providing Major League Injury Prevention to Youth Baseball Dreamers – Brian Schulz, MD

Understanding and Encouraging Sun Protective Behavior in Youth Athletes – Tracy Zaslow, MD

Concussions are Complicated – Treatment Recommendations Evolve – Ilan Danan MD, MSc

How to Help Youth Soccer Players Get a Leg Up on Injury Prevention - Carlos Uquillas MD

The Best Foods to Eat Post Workout - Natasha Trentacosta MD, MSc

What is a Sports Hernia – Brian Schulz MD

Can Playing Sports / Physical Activity Lead to a Healthier Brain? – Ilan Danan MD, MSc

Physical Activity Guidelines for Kids with Orthopaedic Injuries – Carlos Uquillas MD

Athletes and the Flu – Joshua Scott MD

Is Limiting Tackling During Youth Football Practice a Good Idea? – Vernon Williams MD

The ABCs of ACL, LCL, MCL, and PCL knee injuries – Ralph Gambardella MD

Understanding and Preventing Acute and Overuse Beach Volleyball Injuries – Michael Banffy MD

Bracing Yourself …. for Tennis Elbow – Brian Lee MD

Running Your Way to Better Brain and Bone Health - Michael Gerhardt MD

Understanding High-Ankle Sprains – Rachel Triche MD

Avoiding the Dangers of Youth Basketball Hyper-Specialization – Daniel Kharrazi MD

Treatment and Prevention of Hamstring Injuries – Kenton Fibel MD


Cedars-Sinai- Kerlan-Jobe Institute, Official Sports Medicine, and Orthopaedic Partner

Press Release announcing the Sports Medicine partnership with the CIF LA City Section.


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Youth Sports Medicine Program at the Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute

Read more about how Sports Medicine and Pediatric trained Institute doctors are delivering Major League Care to the Young Athlete.


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Stay in the Game and Avoid Injury by Implementing Our C.A.P Program

Founded on research and clinical trials, the Core strengthening, Agility, and Plyometrics exercise regiment adds the extra layer of injury prevention safeguard to any young athlete’s or team’s training session. Contact us and let us help you start your own C.A.P. program at your school or team.


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Sport Medicine Physicians Nearby for Young Athletes

Having a Pediatric Sports Medicine specialist on the athlete’s team will help families learn and navigate the care for sports-related injuries in coordination with their pediatrician and other medical providers. Cedars-Sinai Kerlan-Jobe Institute experts who treat and meet the highest standards for professional and elite athletes, will deliver the same major league care to keep your young athlete performing at their best. Find a Specialist near you.


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Check out our Latest Virtual Community Events

Look here for the latest on Virtual presentations on injury prevention education given by our Institute experts on various topics on Injury Prevention and education.


Next events schedule for Fall 2023 Sports.