CIF State Provides Coronavirus Advisory

At this time, athletic events in the CIF LA City Section will continue to be held at the discretion of the Los Angeles Unified School District, charter organizations, and member schools.  Should athletic events be suspended for an indefinite time, those events would be deemed as a "no-contest" should they not be re-scheduled. They will not be considered as forfeits.

We ask our member schools to contact the opposing school and Unit Assigners to inform them of any prevalent information pertaining to spring athletic contests.

In order to assist our member schools, school district, and charter organizations in responding to questions regarding the status of CIF spring sports, and to serve as a resource to our member schools, the 10 CIF Section Commissioners will be meeting Tuesday, March 17, to discuss the possible impact of COVID-19 on our upcoming spring season.

The CIF State office has provided a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory.

Please see the link below in regards to safety protocols and recommendations-


We remind everyone to continue to take preventative actions advised by the CDC to help stop the spread of germs, including washing hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, containing coughs into a tissue or sleeve and staying home if you are sick, especially if you have a respiratory illness and fever.

Additionally, limit non-essential personnel in the locker rooms pre and post-game. Also, student-athletes should refrain from handshakes throughout athletic contests including pre, post, and in-event, instead utilize the fist bump.

The following resources are available for further information:

California Department of Education:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

California Department of Public Health: