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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The CIF Los Angeles City Section is committed to providing quality support services in a respectful and gracious manner. We aim to enhance member schools’ abilities to manage safe and fair interscholastic athletic programs. Increase opportunities for participation for students and member schools through expanding sports, divisions and levels of play.  Our goal is to promote healthy, safe, and fair interscholastic competition and develop programs that will increase academic achievement through participation in education based athletic programs.


The CIF Los Angeles City Section recognizes that interscholastic athletic activities are an integral part of a student’s educational experience. With this in mind, we will strive to:  


ü  Provide exemplary athletic oversight through swift, fair, consistent and impartial regulatory rulings;

ü  Operate with openness that generates trust and with strict fiscal accountability;

ü  Provide impartial, responsive and inclusive leadership; and

ü  Honor our ultimate purpose, which is to foster lifelong values, good citizenship, ethics and a fair-play approach among student-athletes while promoting safe athletic environments.


The success of the education based athletic programs within LACS is largely due to the efforts of dedicated coaches and administrators, and the cooperation of thousands of parents and students. Moreover, LACS is committed to working in partnership with the entire community to assure equitable competition, provide educational services and opportunities, and provide the leadership necessary to establish and maintain quality high school interscholastic athletic activities. LACS coaches, administrators, staff, and various section constituents believe in the equal worth and dignity of all students; it is the Section’s responsibility to establish a climate that:


ü Fosters the partnership between academics and athletics in well-designed education based athletic programs;

ü Promotes the value of high school athletics;

ü Promotes an environment of dignity and respect;

ü Promote opportunities of athletic participation for all students;

ü Encourages collaboration with superintendents, the Board of Education, and member charter schools.


To this end, LACS shall:


ü Provide an effective governance structure;

ü Set and enforce policies that ensure quality, educational athletic programs; and

ü Promote educational, training opportunities for personnel involved with athletic-related activities. 

ü Demonstrate the principles of Pursuing Victory with Honor.