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Section Office will be CLOSED indefinitely due to the ongoing coronavirus situation.  Our office staff will be working remotely from home.  Please email us for any questions or concerns.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @CIFLACS and "like" us on    

Inside Out Initiative Offers Best Practices To Stay Connected

It's so important to stay connected and continue building community during this uncertain time. There are many ways you can not just communicate with your coaching staff and student-athletes, but truly connect with them.
Following are several resources:
• Slide deck presentation, including weekly themes to use for your connection points
• 10 Ways to Respond to Fear and Scapegoating from the Search Institute
• Sample Distance Coaching Plan from the Prior Lake Lakers
Read on for other ways to connect virtually in the coming weeks.


Student-Connectedness Best Practices
To provide a sense of ongoing community and connection with student-athletes, we will be pushing out bi-weekly messages to school administrators and coaches that contain ideas, best practices and curriculum to stay connected and engaged with students.

We'd love to share a best practice from your school community about how you and your coaching staff are staying connected with your student-athletes during the time of COVID-19. If you have ideas to share, please send them to or tweet them using the hashtag #InSideOutConnect. If we use your idea, we will send you a Purpose over Goal t-shirt. Make sure to include your name, school, mailing address and t-shirt size when you submit your best practice.
Stay tuned to your inbox and to Twitter for these bi-weekly ideas.

Website Resources
The resources on the backside of our website are accessible to anyone in Phase 1 or later in your InSideOut Journey. Click here and enter your email address, and you will be sent an email that allows you to log in and access.

Participate Access
For school communities in Phase 2 and Phase 3, please take this time to work on completing the Becoming an InSideOut School bundled course on Participate. As our schedules slow a bit with the close of our schools, this is a great time to create a culture that will support your student-athletes and school community stakeholders when school reopens. Click here to access.

Upcoming Events
As Jody mentioned, we are working with the steering committees from all of our states to put a plan together around upcoming trainings. We will be communicating next steps in the near future.
Registration links for upcoming Zooms and book studies are listed below!


Community Zooms
Best Practices - Wednesday, April 8, 11:00am CST
Register Here
In this session, we'll get into some specifics about best practices you can use in your school community to help InSideOut get traction, and generate buy-in with all stakeholders. Please come prepared to ask questions and share what you've learned in your InSideOut journey to date, so that others may benefit from hearing from you.
Sharpen the Saw - Wednesday, April 15, 11:00am CST
Register Here
In the final session of our series, we'll work through specific ways you can spend time sharpening your skills, in an effort to become your best self. We will help prepare you to return to your school community ready to implement change. Dr. Troy Urdahl and Trent Hanson will walk you through the equation for change. (Change = Discontentment x Vision X First steps > resistance) and speak to their own journeys in becoming an InSideOut school.

Book Studies
As Joe says, “To be a better leader, you have to be a better you.” We’ll be facilitating two separate book studies—one specifically geared toward those just getting started on the InSideOut Journey, and one for athletic administrators who are in Phase Two and Three.