2021 Fall and 2021-22 Winter Sports Pre-Season Groupings Published

Attached please find the 2021 Fall and 2021-22 Winter Pre-Season Groupings (not final divisions).

Due to the lack of sufficient data / results because of COVID and opt outs by many of our schools last spring, the Board of Managers Playoff and Championship sub-committee has passed a proposal to create “pre-season groupings” that are labeled A, B, C, etc., for all team sports except football, cross country, and water polo.

At the end of the regular season for all team sports, with the exception of football which uses CalPreps computer-based rankings; cross country which is State enrollment-based; and water polo which is one division only; the respective sport playoff seeding committees will determine which division a school will be placed in for the playoffs based upon their season performance this year. Thus, nobody is locked into a specific division at this time.

The highlighted portion on the documents indicates which divisions that each group is eligible for in the playoffs. A school could possibly remain as is, move up, move down, or not make the playoffs. The Open Division will remain with the sports that already have that feature.

These pre-season groupings were the 2020-21 playoff divisions pre-COVID. They are being used as the foundation for this year.

Spring sports will be shared at a later date.