Seeding & Video Exchange

Coaches are required to post their final game score on Scorebook Live immediately following their last game.  All leagues are to schedule a head coaches meeting prior to the seeding date to confirm the final league finish, identify schools that do not wish to participate in the playoffs, discuss all-league selection, and select the coaches that will represent the league at the All-City Selection Meeting to be held TBD. The league rep is to submit to the Section Office the final league results. All ties will be broken using the Section criteria: 1. Head to Head 2. Common Opponent 3. Cal Preps Ranking. Leagues can set a league policy for tie breaking with the approval of all league principals that is more stringent than the Section policy.

Teams selected to participate in the Section playoffs are required to exchange video, or provide online video exchange with opponent once the playoff brackets are released. Coaches should go to to verify seeding. Head coaches are required to make contact with the opposing head coach to arrange for the exchange of video. Per Section rule, this exchange must include two of the last three games played as selected by the opposing coach. It is the responsibility of each head coach to contact the Section Office if any discrepancy with the film exchange are experienced. Any coach that is unable to contact the opposing coach and arrange for the exchange by 1:00 PM must notify the Section Office at 818-767-0800. The Section will contact the Athletic Director and the coach. If no contact is made, an alternate may replace the school in the playoffs.

Film/DVD exchange between advancing teams in the playoff must be completed for each subsequent round no later than 9:00 AM of the day following the previous round. The exchange should take place at the home school campus unless other arrangements are agreed to by both head coaches. The previous two games films are required. DVD or online exchanges are the formats that schools are required to exchange unless head coaches have a mutual agreement in place. If schools are exchanging online formats, no meeting is required.