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The CIF LA City Section office is now open daily from 9 am - 2 pm.  Appointments must be made prior to arriving.  Please call 818-767-0800 to schedule an appointment.  Our office staff will be working remotely from home as well.  Please make sure you are healthy and without fever prior to arrival.  Masks are required in the office building.  Feel free to email us for any questions or concerns.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @CIFLACS and "like" us on   


Competitive Cheer update- see attachments below....


  1.  All schools offering competitive cheer are required to include cheer on their commitment forms.
  2. There will be a cheer coaches meeting scheduled in January
  3. The timeline for cheer will include:
    • It is recommended for all non-league contest to include multiple schools as each team’s performance will last 2 ½ minutes.  With warmup time and transition from one competitor to the next, the contest can be an hour to hour and a half if 5 or 6 schools are participating.
    • School can begin to schedule non-league competition for dates between the first allowable contest and the league championship.  It is recommended that you have 5  or more schools at a competition as each performance is 2 ½ minutes.
    • The league championship will be managed like other league championship, with proceeds from the gate will go toward the expenses.  Any residual expenses will be shared equally by the schools involved.
    • All schools will qualify for regional competition.  Each school will determine their division of competition for the regional.  The regional is the qualifier for the city championship.
    • The advisory will select the number of qualifies in each division for the city championships.
  4. The time line between league championship and regional is approximately 2 – 3 weeks. The timeline between the regional and the city championship is 2 – 3 weeks.
  5. Schools that have the mats and facilities for a cheer competition should be encouraged to host the league and/or regional championships
  6. The advisory committee is working on the scoring system to be used and identifying judges for the competitions.

Michelle Galarza is the newly appointed Sport Coordinator for the CIF Los Angeles City Section.  Michelle will be working to coordinate all aspects of competitive cheer to include timelines, coaches meeting, informational bulletins, regional championships and the city championship.  Michelle is a teacher and cheer coach at South East High School and has 15 years’ experience as a cheer coach.  She has participated on the cheer advisory for the past year and we look forward to her leadership in coordinating the sport of competitive cheer.