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Welcome to the Carson High School student newspaper: The Trailblazer 


Sports Editor Mililani Leui 


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Sports Editor Mililani Leui and Online Editor Noelani Taitano

Attached below are the recent sports pages in the September and October editions of the Trailblazer


Check out the Carson - Gardena football promo attached below

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PATIENTLY WAITING- Freshman middle blocker Audra Suiaunoa puts on her game face as she waits to kill the ball against her opponent during the big game against El Camino Real 

Photo Credit Noelani Taitano

WAITING FOR A COMEBACK- CHS senior and defensive tackle Benjamin Seiuli stands on the sideline watching his team beat Gardena after he was injured during the game against West Torrance where he assisted in opening holes for all his teammates to run through and score

PC Mililani Leui

PLAY BY PLAY- Coach Kevin McCall pulls CHS seniors Manuel Chavira and Jason out to go over plays before they go back in and finish off the game against Gardena in a 51-13 victory

PC Mililani Leui

TUNNEL OF VICTORY- Libero Kalala Lua runs through a tunnel of J.V. girls, followed by the rest of her varsity teammates before their big game against El Camino Real. Our girls defeated ECR in five sets: 25-20, 25-16, 19-25, 20-25, 15-8.

PC Noah Taitano

LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION- J.V. Colts celebrate a victorious win over Gardena 40-0 by coming together for a silly photo

PC Mililani Leui

BRAVO RUNS LA- Benjamin Bravo has the students run LA program at Carson an he doesn't let the students run alone. 

PC Mililani Leui